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Once you have completed a production workshop you are qualified to reserve and utilize, free of charge, the production equipment on which you have been trained. Equipment may be used for the production of AccessVision programming only. Any use for personal or professional profit or gain is prohibited.

AccessVision's production facilities include:
• 1 Full service, three-camera production studio
• 3 Non-linear, computer-based editing stations with Apple's Final Cut Pro X software
• 2 Portable multi-camera studios; portable digital camcorders
• Portable editing kits with MacBook Pro laptop computers
• Many accessories, including lighting kits, tripods, microphones, cables and much more.

Equipment Reservation Rules
You may reserve equipment four times per month, per program with the exception of the Portable Studio, which may be reserved two times per month per program.

Camera: 1 to 24 hours per reservation (4 times a month)
Editing: 1 to 4 hours per session (up to 16 hours a month)
Studio: 1 to 4 hours per session (up to 16 hours a month)
Portable Editing Kits: up to 4 days per reservation
Portable Studio: 1 to 14 hours per reservation (no overnight reservations)

Equipment can be reserved in advance, or, depending on availability, you may reserve equipment on very short notice. A few weeks in advance will usually provide you with adequate scheduling possibilities. Planning ahead will help ensure the equipment is available when you need it.